Divya Herbal Mulethi Kwath

mulethi-kwath-divya-bigMULETHI KWATH -100GM is an excellent formulation that has been prepared for the benefits of all types of respiratory problems in a human body. The respirator system is a very complicated system that has been entrusted with the job to provide the requisite air pressure to the whole body as and when required. This respiratory system is dependent on the lungs as main function of the lungs is to regulate the air system and to provide the correct air to the whole body through the air ducts that are in the body.

The damage starts when there is some type of lungs disorders for example lung inflammation. To remove these types of defects and give the person suffering an opportunity to breathe easy, this formula has been developed under the watchful eyes of the experts.

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Symptoms of Reparatory Problems:

  • When there is a shortness of breath.
  • When there is a muscus or blood coming out while coughing.
  • Wheezing sound coming out of the nose while the air is inhales or exhaled.
  • Persistent cough that takes its own time to fade away.
  • Intensive fatigue.
  • Sore throat

Causes of the Respiratory Problems:

  • Air pollution: The pollution that is present in the air like dust and dirt, debris etc. contributes to the lung and respiratory diseases.
  • Smoke: Smoke that is coming out from chimneys, cigarettes and other smoke generating units do cause the problem.
  • Any industrial powder: Any industrial powder that is caused by the grinding effects of various industrial products like marble, wood, glass etc. and any product mixes in the air produces lungs and respiratory problems when the air is inhaled.
  • High blood pressure in the arteries that leads their way to the lungs blocks the flow of air that is intended to go to the lungs.

Treatment that is offered:

The treatment that is offered by this medicine attacks the damaged cells that have been troubling him or her and giving various types of irregular respiratory alarms. The respiratory alarms are creating certain doubts and confusions in various minds concerned about the health. This type of treatment removes any type of disorders that have been in the lungs.

Now something about medicine :

This medicine prepared by the special kinds of herbs and which is combo of powers acts on the lung disorders and corrects the problems that are troublesome. The medicine treats and cleans the air ducts that carry the air to various corners of the body. The cleansing of the air ducts and air louvers involves special processes and methods that require pre-determined dose patterns to be taken for getting the desired results. The tracts and louvers when cleaned properly help in proper circulation of the air all over the body. Am I correct? So better to shift to consume this formula for better results.

Ingredients that are contained inside:


Dose that could give the benefits:

Take 3 spoons in hot water twice a day.

Directions of preparation:

Take about 400 milliliter of water and boil it. Take 3 teaspoons of this medicine and put it in this boiling water. Keep on boiling the water till it has reduced to about ¼ , remove the whole mixture from the pan, cool it and then filter it and the solution is ready for consumption

Diet plans that could help:

  • When there are lung inflammation complaints, it is advisable to increase the intake of Vitamin E.
  • Vitamin C is a necessary requirement that acts as a repairing agent of the cell and
  • Fruits and fry fruits such as apples, grapes, cherries, nuts could be enjoyed easily.
  • Fresh vegetables chopped and cut into salad should be enjoyed daily during the meals.

Precautions to be taken:

  • Protect yourself from exposure to excess cold.
  • Drink good quantity of water
  • Keep away from dust originating units
  • Quit smoking.
  • If a patient is obese, then it is advisable to shun out some weight.
  • Stay away from the insect bites as insect bites could inject harmful bacteria into the body harmful for the lungs.
  • Excess of antibiotics taken during the treatment of any disease.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1 How this help me in curing my respiratory problems?

This medicine has been prepared by the herbs that cleanse the air passages in the respiratory system.

Q2. Can my daughter who is having lung inflammation could use this?

Yes, any male or female can use this as this has been specially prepared to suit all persons.

Q3 Is this medicine having any side effects?

No, this medicine does not contain any side effects and so it is totally safe to use.


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