Divya Gashar Churna

gashar-churna-bigDIVYA GASHAR CHURNA -100GM is a very good remedy for get rid of indigestion, gastric disorders, colic pain disorders. Indigestion, gastric disorders are the resultants of excessive and improper eating habits. Excessive and improper eating habits generally produce acidic type of problems in the digestive system which is a conglomerate of large number of small and large glands which together make up a digestive system. When our eating habits get out of order, it sets up an imbalance in the digestive system by affecting some glands in the digestive system. DIVYA GASHAR CHURNA has the necessary power to set this imbalance in proper order and make up for the body losses which has been created by indigestion, gastric disorder and colic pain. This churna has been prepared by natural things and no artificial things have been used in the preparation of this churna.

Causes of Indigestion, Gastric Disorders, and Colic Pain Disorders.

Some of the common causes for indigestion, gastric disorders, and colic pain disorders are:

  • Improper eating habits which cause the heaviness in the stomach
  • Food not chewed properly while eating.
  • Food not digested properly and going to bed too quickly after eating.
  • Overeating

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Treatment for Indigestion, Gastric Disorders, Colic Pain Disorders

The treatment for indigestion, gastric problems and colic pain is very simple in nature. Only a few things and a few precautions have to be kept in mind. Indigestion is generally caused by improper eating. Eating of such types of things which cause heaviness in the stomach and abdomen area.

Main Ingredients of the herbal medicine

  • Black Pepper
  • Black Salt
  • Cummin Seed
  • Pure Hingu
  • Ajavayan
  • Extract of Lemon
  • Jangha Haritaki

Recommended Dose for herbal medicine

To be taken after meals along with luke warm water, the best results are seen when one tea spoon of the churna could be taken two times every day.

Directions for use of the product

Take some water and heat it till it is luke warm. Eat one teaspoon of the Churna and drink the luke warm water along with Churna. Drink the mixture two times everyday This mixture will give relief from the effects of, indigestion, gastric disorders, colic pain.

Diet Recommendations

  • The diet must be kept as light as possible.
  • Heavy eatables must be avoided as it puts extra unnecessary burden on the stomach
  • Fried things should not be taken.
  • Milk and milk products should be kept away.
  • Excess of sweets are not suited for stomach in case of heaviness.
  • Rice and light vegetable soup needs to be taken during indigestion gastric disorders, colic pain.

Precautions Required

Precautions that could be taken during indigestion, gastric disorders, and colic pain disorders could be the following:

  • The diet during the period of indigestion in the stomach must be light enough to the extent that must be accepted by the stomach.
  • All heavy diet must not be taken.
  • The things like Fried and cold drinks needs to be avoided.
  • The stomach should not be heavy. It should be kept as light as possible and to the maximum time as possible.
  • There must be proper exercise schedule.
  • Avoid chewing with mouth open or talking while eating.
  • Spicy things need not be taken.
  • Eating need not be done late night as it does not give proper time for the food eaten to digest proper.
  • Do not resort to exercising immediately after eating because exercising immediately after eating does not give the proper time to the food to settle down and digest completely.
  • Keep a safe distance from Alcohol.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q.1 Why sweets could not be taken during indigestion

Ans. Sweets contain excess of sugar content which produces acidic type of activities in the stomach resulting in indigestion.

Q.2 How Divya Gashar Churna help in gastric disorders?

Ans. Divya Gashar Churna is ayurvedic merger of herbs for treating gas problem and gastric disorders.


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