divya-dhara-bigDIVYA DHARA–10 ml the extracts of the trusts of the herbs that treats various types of problems that are only related to the areas around the brain. These formulations treat various types of small time that are linked to the effects of cold that could spoil a person’s hectic day’s work. It gives relief from the effects of spasms in the head. These spasms are the effects of the muscle contraction that occurs in the head due to various reasons as our head contains a group of muscles and membranes that collectively work together. Spasms if any in the head could hinder in the proper function of the head. The effects of spasms i.e. the contraction of brain muscles could even lead to the effects of migraine. This medicine acts as a migraine headaches relief.

As all the systems are interconnected to each other, the same effect could even lead to some types of pain the dental structure of a human body. The medicine also acts a instant toothache relief.

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Symptoms :

There could be a few symptoms that could lead us to the detection of the problems. The most common of them are:

  • Headaches are of longer durations than the normal headaches lead us to the occurrence of migraine.
  • Muscle pain
  • Excess of fatigue is experienced.
  • Some sudden eruption of pain in the affected tooth.

Causes :

The causes that could lead us to the identification of the disorders could be described as below:

  • High levels of stress levels that could lead a person to the after effects of migraine.
  • Irregular patterns of sleep.
  • Changes in the weather conditions could make us vulnerable to the effects of migraine.
  • Too much consumption of foods that are rich in contents of sugar.
  • Excessively hot or excessively cold foods or drinks are consumed.

Treatment that is Offered:

The treatment that is offered by DIVYA DHARA – 10 ml is quiet simple in nature as the medicine acts on the nerves that have gone weak due to various disorders that are happening in the area surrounding the brain and the face as there is a common connection between the various body parts. The medicine that has been prepared by the ayurveda treats the various forms of disorders that are in the head portion of the body. The medicine provides energy to the muscles and veins making the muscles and the veins stronger and protects them from various types of disorders. In addition to providing the strength, this medicine also makes a protective shield around the muscles providing the protection to the head. As there has been a strong connection between the head and the mouth, this medicine also protects the person from the toothaches because the dental structure of a person is interlinked to other portions of the head.

Ingredients that are inside:

The main ingredients that are involved in the manufacture of this medicine are:

Eucalyptus oil – Eucalyptus oil is excellent oil that helps to reduce the pain that is persisting in the body for quite some time. This oil makes the improved blood supply to flow in the body, hence giving energy to the body systems and relieving the disorders.

Camphor – Camphor is an excellent remedy that gives relief from various types of pain. Used as an architect in relieving pain, this is an excellent supplement that is used in various types of medicines.

Clove oil – the oil that is extracted from the clove improves the blood circulation in the body. This oil also plays an excellent part in relieving the tooth ache.

Peppermint – Peppermint is another remedy that could give relief from various types of pains as it makes the bones stronger and strengthens the muscles around the bones. The strengthening of the muscles protects the bones.

Ajwain – Ajwain is an another pain reliever.

Recommended Dose:

The recommended dose of this is to apply the medicine on the area that is affected by the pain.

Directions for use:

The simple directions for use of this medicine are to apply some of the medicine on the temple area of the head. The medicine immediately gives relief from the pain and the nose that has been affected by the effects of severe cold and the toothaches.

Diet Recommendations:

Some of the diets that could help us in controlling the pains are:


  • The consumption of vegetables and fruits that are fresh and raw could be a great source of pain reliever.
  • Consumption of cloves could be another pain reliever in case you are suffering from toothaches.
  • The ever soother garlic paste prepared from fresh garlic could be another pain reliever if a sufferer is suffering from toothache.
  • The consumption of wheat products needs to be taken care of.
  • Try to avoid the use of sweeteners that are used in the food composition.
  • The use of dairy products also needs to be regulated as these could send alarming signals to the problem of migraine.
  • Eggs also need to be thrown away and not consumed.


Some of the precautions that could be observed to get the relief from pains are:

  • Do not let the water dry out of your body. So, try to regularly drink water to keep the water level of the body within limits.
  • Keep a close look on what you eat as anything which you eat if out of the recommended diets could trigger out the pain.
  • Keep nice and regular sleep as any change in the sleep patterns could have adverse affects on the migraine problems.
  • Do not over stress your brain as it could be harmful.
  • Make a regular exercise pattern that could be followed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q1. Does this have any side effects?

No, this does not have any side effects are it is totally safe to use it.

Q2. How DIVYA DHARA – 10 ml could treat my tooth ache if this is applied on the head?

When it is applied on the temple of the head, the curing properties travel from inside the brain to treat all the portions around.

Q3. How this has been prepared?

This has been prepared by the various natural things that are available.


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