Divya Dashmool Kwath

dashmool-kwath-bigDASHMOOL KWATH -100GM has been prepared by mixing the special healing qualities of the herbs that are available naturally. The natural healing qualities that are contained inside treats sleeping disorders treatment, herbs for nervous disorders, memory loss disease. These types of diseases if thought in a way does not look serious. But, these diseases do pose problems. The diseases definitely could unschedule the person as it could spoil the whole schedule of a person. The person does not feel like doing any work and feels dizzy for the day.

A person cannot plan out the things and also cannot carry out any type of works intended to be completed. This medicine helps in getting a person’s mind back on track. The medicine that is contained inside works on the brains internal system and makes it tough. The herbal powers leave its impact on the problems that are baffling a person’s mind.

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  • Feeling sleepy while driving.
  • Feeling tired during the day.
  • If you feel like some type of tea or coffee to get going throughout the day.
  • It you find difficulty in getting back to sleep if you wake up at midnight.
  • If you feel to take sleeping pills to aid you in sleeping.
  • If you find difficulty in remembering the tasks that you were into.
  • If a person finds difficulty in arriving at a conclusion.

Causes for the problems:

  • Alcohol.
  • Brain infections.
  • Being a drug addict.
  • Depression.
  • Stress.

Treatment offered:

The herbs that are used in the preparation acts on the brains internal system. The healing powers naturally cure the various types of ailments that are connected with the brain. Brain is the controlling point for the whole body system. Whole of the body is connected with the brain through various nerves and arteries. It receives and sends communicating signals to different parts of the body. Due to any deformation received from any type of external force, intentionally or accidently, the communication system between the brain and the body gets disturbed and the normal functioning of the whole system gets disrupted. The healing effects that this medicine lends cures the body’s communicating system and gives relief to the person who is suffering from the diseases.

Ingredients contained inside:

  • Chotti Kateli
  • Baddi Kateli
  • Sonapaatha Paadal
  • Shalparni
  • Arnimool
  • Prashniparni
  • Belgiri
  • Gokhru

Recommended Dose:

The recommended dose is to take 5 grams of this medicine and put it in 100 ml of water. Boil this water till the water has been reduced to about quarter of its original quantity. Then add honey according to taste. Stir it well and drink the mixture when it is hot.

Directions for Use:

Prepare a mixture of 5 grams of the herbal combination and 100 ml of water. Boil this for some time till it decreases in volume and attains the final volume of about quarter of its original content. Add honey to it. Stir it well and drink this combo to get good results.

Diet Recommendations:

  • Say no to alcohol as alcohol has the quality of disturbing the sleep.
  • Try to avoid caffeine items as caffeine acts as an n agent that disturbs the sleep.
  • Consume a glass of hot milk just before going to bed as milk contains amino acid and amino acids are an essential part of the human body.
  • Do not take spicy food or heavy food just close to your bed time.
  • Foods that contain carbohydrates should be preferred more.
  • Do not pay attention to fries and burgers as these are high fat foods and the consumption of high fat food causes the sleep to disturb the whole night.
  • Do not take protein based products at night.
  • Take foods that are rich in vitamin B.
  • Yoghurt and other protein based could be consumed during the day time.

Precautions which could be observed:

  • Always take your time to complete the things.
  • Take somebody along with you when you are driving a car.
  • Ask for somebody’s help and do not feel shy.
  • Do not have any types of talks with others after dinner and try to be alone.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):

Q1 How does this help in curing my sleep problems?

The powers that are contained in its manufacturing cures the sleep problems.

Q2 Does it have any side effects?

No, this does not have any side effects and is totally safe to use.

Q3 How long does it take to get me cured?

It all depends upon the time the problem persists.


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