Divya Churna

divya-churna-bigDIVYA CHURNA -100GM is a herbal medicine that has the ability to cure the diseases like .constipation, lower abdominal pain and stomach problems. This medicine contains natural herbs responsible to naturally care the problems related to stomach and abdominal areas. The formulation prepared by natural herbs when taken as advised simulates the body energy and cuts down the problems that have been in action in the abdomen areas. It’s natural ability acts as a very cleaning agent in the stomach and abdominal areas of the body.

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Treatment from Constipation, lower abdominal pain and stomach problems

Constipation, lower abdominal pain and stomach problems are all inter-related to each other. The main causes for this is the acidic formulations which have been formed inside the intestines. There could be various reasons for these problems. Divya Churna has the power to act as a neutralizing agent for the uninvited forces which has been playing the negative role and causing various types of problems. The things which we eat or drink the whole day gives the required energy to the body but in doing so releases the extracts. These extracts when not properly cleared out through the bowels causes problems like constipation , lower abdominal pain and stomach problems. Divya Churna has been prepared scientifically to cure these problems.

Main Ingredients of The Herbal Medicine:

  • Rock – Salt
  • Rose Flower
  • Dry Ginger
  • Mishrya
  • Krishna–bija
  • Saunth
  • Jangha Haritaki
  • Leaves of Svarna-patri

Recommended Dose for herbal medicine:

The recommended and advisable dose for this medicine is very simple. Mix one tea spoon or 5 gms of the medicine in warm water and drink the mixture just before going to bed at night. So, to get the best results, take the medicine as advised.

Directions for use of the product:

Take some water and make it warm. Mix one teaspoon or 5 gms of the herbal medicine in this warm water. Drink the mixture just before to bed. This mixture will give relief from the effects of constipation, lower abdominal and other types of stomach problems.

Diet Recommendations in case of constipation / lower abdominal pain / stomach problems:


  • Meals should not be taken along with ice cold water.
  • Take eatables rich in fiber content.
  • Stomach should not be empty for more than around four hours at a stretch. Some refreshments must be taken after every three to four hours of interval.
  • Unprocessed diet and items rich in nutrient content must be added to the diet.
  • The intake of Alcohol must be reduced to acceptable limit if not eliminated from life.
  • Items rich in sugar content could be controlled.
  • Deep sea foods and deep sea fishes as these could contain high levels of mercury content.
  • Processed foods.
  • Laxatives should be taken in limits as these could cause cramps in the stomach
  • More intake of coffee and caffeine products must be avoided where ever possible.
  • Use of tobacco must be avoided.

Precautions Required

Precautions that could be taken during constipation/ lower abdominal pain and other stomach problems could be the following:

  • The intake of fast food items must be reduces as these could produce drastic effects of stomach problems.
  • Excess of cold water should not be taken during the meals.
  • Items rich in sugar content should be avoided.
  • Excercises must be done regularly.
  • All fruits must be peeled off before eating
  • Items rich in vitamin and magnesium contents must be taken
  • Food must be chewed properly while eating and it should be swallowed at any time as swallowed food while eating does not digest properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q1 How DIVYA Churan helps constipation?

Divya Churna has the natural healing herbs that counter the effects of constipation problems that are in the stomach

Q2. Does it have any side effects?

No, natural healing herbs does not have any types of side effetcs

Q3. How long does it take to clear the constipation , lower abdominal pain and stomach problems?

It all depends upon the extent of the problems


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