Divya Dant Manjan Tooth Powder

divya-toothpowder-bigDivya Dant Manjan is a tooth powder that has been prepared by herbs that have been used repeatedly for centuries. The manjan is a dental powder which maintains the good health of your teeth. Teeth are always exposed to various types of infections as what we eat gets stuck up in the spaces whatever thickness the spaces might be and the spaces between the gums and the teeth. The Divya Dant Manjan – the herbal tooth powder cleans up the stuck up food particles and also removes its side effects. It has been specially prepared to freshen up the mouth against the pungent smell that could affect others.
The dental powder has all the powers that could give new lease of life to the teeth that are affected. Always safe to be used, this could be used by people of any age and people of any gender. It tells us how to have healthy teeth.

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Symptoms for tooth decay

Some of the symptoms that could identify the decay of the tooth are:

  1. Brown colored spots on the top of the affected tooth.
  2. Bad odor is coming out of your mouth.
  3. Pain sensations experienced in the tooth.
  4. Sensitivity of affected tooth to cold and hot temperatures.

Causes for decay in tooth:

Some of the causes that could identify decay in tooth are:

  1. When person is not brushing his or her tooth properly as the food particles when stuck up in the gaps produces acids that are harmful for the health of our teeth.
  2. There is not enough of sliva being produced in the mouth. Sliva in the mouth neutralizes the effects of acid formation on the teeth which are responsible for the tooth decay.
  3. Eating food items that contain too much of sugar content in it. Excess of sugar gives birth to the bacteria that attack the upper coating of the tooth.
  4. When a person does not have good diet habits.
  5. Excessive stress on the mind could sometime result in tooth grinding which could chip away the top enamel coating of the tooth exposing your tooth to any types of acid attacks.
  6. Less use of fluoride contents.

Treatment from Divya Dant Manjan

Dental tooth powder is quite safe to be used. When, the application of this is synchronized with the teeth in question, it leaves a thin coating of the herbs on the teeth. The protective coating repels all the dietary attacks that could play spoil sport. The dietary attacks could leave certain types of bacteria on the gums and teeth. The bacteria produced by the food particles eat away the enamel coating on the surface of the teeth by producing certain type acid that eat away the enamel coating. The herbal tooth powder leaves a protective coating of herbs on the teeth thus preventing it from any types of further attacks by the acid. The dental powder leaves a coating around all the exposed surfaces of the teeth and the gums. The exposed surfaces when protected are considered safe from any further attacks. The manjan has the natural nutrients that are helpful in making the teeth and gums strong. The manjan when properly applied on the teeth regularizes the blood flow through the miniature veins and the arteries that runs underneath the tooth bases. The regularized blood flow could neutralize the acid attacks and giving the strength to the gums that hold the teeth together. It prevents the mouth from any plaque formation.

Ingredients of Divya Dant Manjan

  1. Tumburu,
  2. Lavanga,
  3. Karpura
  4. Akarakara,
  5. Neem
  6. Sphatika Bhasma,
  7. Pippali (of small size),
  8. Pepper-Mint
  9. Babbula

Dosage of Divya Dant Manjan

Wake up in the morning. Massage the dental manjan with the help of your index finger. Apply the manjan on your teeth and gently massage the manjan on your teeth and leave it in your mouth. After a gap of around 5 minutes, gargle it out with the help of water leaving your teeth stronger and stronger. You could again use the same procedure in the night before going to bed.

Directions for use

Massage the manjan for about 5 minutes on the gums and the teeth with the help of your index finger. Keep it there for 5 minutes and then gargle the manjan out of your mouth with the help of some water.

Diet recommendations in case of tooth infection and decay


  1. Try to limit the use of coffee as it could result in weakening the enamel coating and the tooth roots.
  2. The consumption of milk could be regularized as milk contains natural calcium which could make our teeth stronger.
  3. Variety of fruits and vegetables could be consumed regularly as fruits and vegetables contain various minerals that could make our teeth stronger.
  4. Limit the use of excess of sugar in a cup of tea or milk whichever is like by you the most.

Precautions for persons with decay in tooth

  1. We should stop using tobacco products and quit smoking.
  2. Be careful against using food items that contain excess of sugar in them as excess of sugar could leave the attacks of killer acids that could eat away the enamel coating.
  3. Be careful of brushing up your teeth regularly before going to sleep as proper brushing could remove any food particles that are stuck up in your teeth.
  4. Consult your dentist regularly to keep your teeth happy and give yourself an opportunity to smile.
  5. Use of fluoride should be done regularly as fluoride could give an extra layer of protective coating on the tooth.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q1.Are my teeth free from any types of side effects if I use this manjan?

Yes, manjan is totally safe from any side effects.

Q2.Can my elder sister with an age of 58 years use this?

Manjan can be used by any person no matter what age that person has.

Q3.I have heard of Akarkara earlier also. What is that?

Akarkara is a natural herb used extensively to treat various body disorders.


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