Divya Dant Manjan 100 grams

divya-toothpowder-bigDivya Dant Tooth Powder is an Herbal Tooth powder for all Tooth problems. This Powder is specially made in order to cure all tooth decays. It helps to provide all kinds of nourishment to the Gums and make them much stronger.
This Herbal tooth powder is special as it provides all kinds of protection against Tooth decay. This powder acts on the problem and its result are also very frequent. It doesn’t involve any kind of chemicals or artificial products and thus is the safest option for the Teeth. It helps in the treatment of all tooth problems naturally.

(100 grams of Divya Dant Manjan Toothpowder produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)

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Especially during childhood the children are unable to brush their teeth properly and make so many mistakes. This further enhances the chances of getting some Oral problems. This makes the Teeth weaker and gets broken up. But this Powder can be the best overall solution for all the Oral problems. It not only protects their teeth from decay but also any microbial attacks. This herbal tooth powder helps in the treatment of tooth problems.

This powder is wonderful for Old age where there is lack of various vitamins and that makes one’s Teeth susceptible to break. During old age there occurs lots of pain in the Teeth also, and gums also make lots of pain. All these can be stopped and cured with the help of this powder. This powder makes Teeth stronger and helps them to remain healthy for long. IT is a natural tooth whitening powder that increases the strength of your teeth.

This powder protects Teeth from any kind of eatables also. Likewise Children tend to eat lots of chocolates and they can’t listen to elders and end up in tooth pain. But with the regular use of this Tooth powder anyone can eat their favorite sweets and forget about damage to teethe.

This Powder is most suitable in case of Tongue problem like infections. It cleans up the bacteria from the tongue and helps to have infection free area.

Benefits of Dant Tooth powder:

This Tooth powder is not just any regular powder but having therapeutic value. It is a mixture of certain essential herbs which treats all kinds of Tooth related problems.

This powder is benefited in case of swelling of Gums. It helps to eliminate water retention problem in the Gums and provide them good hold to the teeth. This further act as protection against any microbial attacks. It controls bleeding of the gums also. It helps to heal up the bleeding gums and cures their infections. This herbal tooth powder provides essential minerals to the tooth for formation of strong and healthy teeth.

This powder works best to protect Teeth against any such Bacterial or microbes. It protects against Tooth decay and helps them to grow properly.

This powder makes Teeth much stronger and healthier. With the regular use of this powder one can get rid of any kind of Oral problems.

eliminating-Bad-BreatheThis powder is helpful in eliminating Bad Breathe. It helps to fresh up the breathing process and nourishes the area. It also stops occurrence of any kinds of microbes in the area.

This powder is best in case of curing cavities. One can get rid of Cavities with the regular use of this powder.

This powder makes strong hold of Gums and Teeth and provides strength to withstand any kind of problems.

It acts as natural tooth whitening. This powder can be called as best clean up for the whole mouth. It is a natrual tooth whitening powder that makes your teeth white and shine.

It has calcium and vitamin C supplements which is required for the healthy growth of the Teeth’s. It also prevents Scurvy or any Teeth infections. It also maintains the Enamel of the Teeth.

Directions of uses:

Apply this powder throughout the Mouth whole of the Teeth and gums. Then brush your Teeth properly. Make sure to use this Powder twice a day for better results.


One should properly brush their Teeth. And please consult your Doctors if having severe Oral infections.

Therapeutic use:

This powder can be best used as Tooth decay herbal product. It helps to protect Tooth from attacks of the Microbes and bacteria. It also protects Gums from their swelling or redness. These powders refreshes breathe and prevent Bad breathe. It also a good remedy In case of Scurvy or lack of Vitamin C.

How long to take it:

This powder is like natural tooth paste for all of us. Anyone can start using this and can continue using as a regular Tooth powder. Even children from any age group to youngster, to old age can use this powder.

Diet recommendations:

Dental-DietOne should avoid too much salty or sweet eatable. Also sticky or oily food can be avoided in order to give extra protection to teeth. One should drink lots of water in order to flush our bacteria from the mouth. Also processed food should be avoided and can be replaced with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Life style recommendations:

One should do gargle in order to keep mouth germ free. Also do twice a day brushing in order to keep your mouth and teeth away from any external attacks. Avoid too much coffee or tea or hydrated drinks. Follow some Yoga practices in order to keep yourself free from any problems.

Concept behind the product:

This powder is made in order to provide the overall protection to the Teeth’s. It not only provides protection but also makes Teeth and gums much stronger. This product is natural in form which makes it the best choice in all the available synthetic products.

Customers view about the product:

“I had severe Tooth decay problem and doctors recommend me root canal. I was scared of the surgeries so I start searching of some easy way. Then I read about this product which sounds quite best way to cure. I read its content and was sure that it will be benefitted to me. After almost 2 months my Tooth decay stops and all my pain had gone. My teeth’s are much healthier now.”

“My child was suffering from Tooth aches. He often complains pain in the gums also. I was insecure as I want to give my child painless process to cure. Then someone told me about this Divya Dant Tooth powder. I gave this to my child and he regularly brushes his Teeth twice a day. Now after 3 months his tooth problem is finished and he is much better now. I am happy to see his Healthy growth of the Teeth.”


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