Patanjali Dant Kanti 100 gm

Divya-Dant-Kanti-bigPatanjali Dant Kanti is the Herbal toothpaste. It is natural toothpaste which helps in fighting Germs inside the mouth. It cures Tooth Decays, Cavities, microbial infections etc. This toothpaste is one of the best cares for Teeth. Patanjali Dant Kanti is a herbal toothpaste that consists of natural herbs for the treatment of dental problems. This natural toothpaste is a wonderful solution for all the problems of teeth. It is the best toothpaste for dental cavities.

This product is well recommended in case of children as well as teenagers and old aged people. Every one can get the benefit of this product. This paste is made of herbs which are specialist in curing tooth ailments. All the herbs in this herbal toothpaste are natural and do not produce any adverse effects. Patanjali Dant Kanti is a natural toothpaste to prevent dental cavities. You may solve your dental problems by using this herbal toothpaste regularly.

All kind so of Tooth Decays whether Cavities, Germ attacks, decay of tooth enamels, sensitivity of teeth’s etc can be cure with just one simple formula. Ayurvedic paste helps to give germfree mouth with long lasting freshness.

(100 grams of Patanjali dant kanti toothpaste produced by Patanjali Ayurved)

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Patanjali Dant Kanti cures all kinds of Oral problems. Whether Teeth problems, Bad breathe problem, cuts or wounds inside the mouth, Germ attacks, Gum problems etc all can be healed with the use of this Paste.

During childhood there are ample of problems like Cavities etc which might be due to any reasons like eating lots of Sweets, candies, unclean mouth, lack of proper brushing of teeth, Calcium deficiency etc. All this give rise to loss of teeth, swelling of Gums, bleeding of Gums, Tooth decays, Germ attacks, pain in the teeth. So, these problems are very common in children but their solution might be lots of medicines, ointments or any other therapy. But here comes one simple solution of all these kinds of problems known as Patanjali Dant Kanti.

Even during Old age there are lots of problems like Sensitivity, Gum bleedings, loss of Teeth, occurs which gives lots of problems as well as pain to the patients. But it is seen that those who are using this Paste from their early ages are able to fight better with these age related problems. Even the Old people can find solace after using this paste in case of Gum pain. It is the best toothpaste for getting rid of dental problems.

Benefits of using Patanjali Dant Kanti:

We use our Mouth for eating; drinking etc it fulfills our Basic need of Food. But when it comes to take care of our Mouth we often overlook this until any problems occurs.

This is often seen that until and unless we encounter some Tooth problem we are unable to give importance to our Mouth. But now Ayurveda opens its box of magic and give us a Best tooth paste which is one way to cure and care of the whole Mouth.

Dental-problemsPatanjali Dant Kanti is the paste which is not like ordinary paste but something which is unmatchable. It comprises of cure for all Dental problems.

This paste is full of Calcium supplements which are necessary for the healthy growth of the Teeth. With the regular use of this paste one can get Strong and healthy Teeth.

Bad breathe due to germs and other infections can be cured with this paste. It provides fresh breathe and elimination of any kind of Germ attacks. It cleans up the Mouth and provide protective shield to the mouth.

This paste is very good in curing Tooth decay and Germs attacks. It protects the teeth from any such attacks which cause harm to the teeth. This paste strengthens the Teeth which helps it to intact with the Gums properly.

This paste is the simple solution to the Bleeding gums, swelling of gums or occurrence of Scurvy in the gums. It nourishes the gums and helps to provide a better and health Gums.

This paste heals up the cuts or wounds occurred inside the mouth. It is having antiseptic agents which provide it healing effects.

This paste is good for Sensitivity problems occur with the age. It cures Sensitive Gums and teeth problem due to drinking too clod and hot water or tea etc.

This paste is natural formula in maintaining Enamel of the Teeth. It protects teeth from getting yellowish in color and maintains natural white color of the Teeth.

Direction of Use:

Brush your teeth twice in a day with this Paste.


If anybody having severe Oral problems or infections then they should consult their Doctors first.

Therapeutic Uses:

109157398This toothpaste is very much beneficial incase of Scurvy and having deficiency of Vitamin C. This fulfills all the required Vitamin C and Calcium deficiency.

This paste heals up the wounds if any in the mouth.

This paste is very much soothing in case of Cavities or having tooth decays.

Home remedies:

It is having extracts of Neem plants and its stem, Tulsi, Turmeric, Babool, and Lavang etc.

Diet recommendations:

One should avoid too much sticky food and very oily food. They stick to the tooth and causes harm. Also one should also avoid Soft drinks as they harm the roots of the teeth. There should be ample of fruits and green vegetables in the food. One should have lots of fresh vegetables and liquid which helps to clear out germ formations in the mouth.

Lifestyle recommendations:

A well balanced lifestyle should be followed like proper brushing twice a day especially in the morning and at bed time. Try some breathing exercises in order to have fresh body. Avoid Tea and coffee much as they erase the enamel of the teeth faster.

Concept behind the product:

This product is life saving for all those who are suffering from Tooth ache more often. This is the best medicine for all the tooth related problems. It cures Tooth disease and also protect from early loss of the teeth.

Customers review about the product:

“I had severe tooth decay and had lots of cavities in my mouth. Doctors recommended me root canal or surgeries but the moment I started this medicine I found huge relief as my teeth stop decays. And now they are getting better then before. I am continuing with this toothpaste in order to get rid of this tooth problem permanently.”

“My child was suffering from Tooth ache as he had lots of cavities and gum problem. He had been eating lots of sweets which considerably destroyed almost every tooth in his mouth. And I tried every single oral medicine but couldn’t found any thing better. But now I read about this Toothpaste and he is trying this paste from almost 3 months, its incredible as his tooth ache is totally gone and new teeth has been replaced normally. The growth is very healthy and much stronger then before.”


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