Divya Chandraprabha Vati (for Urinary Disease) 40gm

chandraprabha-vati-bigBuy now hereDivya Chandraprabha Vati is an Ayurvedic formation known to cure all Urinary troubles. This Vati is a Natural treatment for Urinary Tract Infection.

This is a natural Remedy for curing and nourishing the Urinary tract. This Vati is having herbs which contain so many nutrients and vitamins which are very much important for the healthy growth of the Urinary Tract. It is one of the best urinary tract infection natural treatment. This is a blend of UTI natural remedies that support normal functioning of the urinary organs.

Urinary Bladder contains so many impurities if they remain there then they may harm the entire body. But if timely eradication of all these infections is done then they are good for the health of the Urinary area. Urinary tract natural remedies in this product are helpful in the treatment of recurrent infection of the urinary organs.

Divya Chandraprabha Vati is gentle on Urinary area because it needs proper care in order to clean everything. This Vati is most suitable in Urinary Infections. It is also recommended in case of Gonorrhea and Stones. This Herb has essential nutrient which stops the growth of stones due to chemical effects.

This Vati is pure wonder in case of Bacterial and microbial infections. It eliminates all kinds of severe infections. Along with the urinary track reproductive track also gets nourished. It provides stamina to the reproductive track to have proper growth and withstand any kind of infections or abnormality. The UTI natural remedies in Divya Chandraprabha Vati provide nutrition to the urinary organs for optimum functioning. The urinary tract natural remedies in this product helps to provide strength to the urinary organs and support normal functioning.

This Vati is very much safe for the body as it is having so many natural products. This Vati also works best on Stomach aches. It helps in proper Digestive activity also. It cures all kinds of gastric problem that causes pain in the Abdomen.

Menopause-imagesThis Vati is best to treat all age related problems like Menopause which causes huge change in the body. Due to Menopause our body changes and then various problems like Loss of Appetite or severe Obesity or occurring of any kind of problem in Bladder or urinary track. This can all be treated with the help of this Vati.

This Vati has proved to be the most suitable for all age groups like Old age where body is susceptible to certain problems like microbial infections or other bacterial problems. But all Urinary infections can be cured by Natural remedy Called as Divya Chandraprabha Vati.

When one eats unhygienic food that makes ones body susceptible to catch certain infections. All these can be healed properly with the regular use of this Vati. This Vati removes all kinds of infections from the body.

Benefits of this Vati:

Divya Chandraprabha Vati is having therapeutic effect on the mind and body. It cleanses the Urinary track. It provides proper strength to fight against any kind of microbial attacks.
It controls the suppression of Urination if altered. It helps easy elimination of Urine from the body. It consist of urinary tract natural remedies that are safe and does not produce unwanted effect on other parts of the body.

In diabetes this Vati controls the excessive loss of Glucose from the body. So, this Vati also acts like a Diabetic control herbal product. If a person starts this product earlier then they are bale to control their Diabetes level present in the Blood or simply Blood Sugar level.

This Vati regulates all kinds of Digestive activity. It helps in easily assimilation of food inside the body and also their elimination. It purifies all the impurities present in the stomach and also helps in proper bodily functions.

In females it nourishes and strength uterine muscles and in Male sit increases the Sperm count considerably.

Directions of Uses:

To be taken one or two tablets per day or according to the problem.


It should be avoided during pregnancy time. Otherwise it is totally safe for every one.

Home remedies:

The herbs used in this product are totally free from artificial or chemical usages. It is the amalgamation of Natural herbs which are rarest of the rare. It has some of the best herbal extracts like: Kali mirch or Black pepper, Devdarn or Cedrus deodara, Badi Harar or Terminalia Chebula, Amla or Emblica officialis, Chitrakamool or Piper Longum, Haldi or Turmeric, Dalchini or Cinnamon, Sendha Namak or Rock salt, Sonth or Zingibu Officinale, Kala Namak or Black salt, Dhaniya or Coriander sativm, Tejpaat or Cinnamon Tamala, Badi ellaichi and Shudh Guggulu etc. These are some of the most important herbs which provide nourishment to the whole body.

How long to take it:

This product is totally safe for everybody it can be taken along with other medicines. Every age group person can start this medicine. This Vati should be continued until the problem is totally cured and also one can keep on taking this Vati as it will further add strength to the body.

Therapeutic uses:

Natural-RemediesIt is the best herbal product which is having so many qualities like it nourishes the Urinary tract, and then it is useful in eliminating impurities from the Urinary system. This Vati acts on Digestive and reproductive organs also. This helps to nourish those organs. If you are looking for urinary tract infection natural treatment, use this remedy for getting freedom from recurrent episodes.

Diet recommendations:

One should eat only fresh food and avoid stale, left over or overcooked food. Then one should be carful regarding their meals and proper eating habits. No spicy, salty or more sugary stuff should be included, and then one should also avoid processed food also. Include more of Dairy products in your food along with fresh fruits and veggies.

Lift style recommendations:

One should live more active life like walking habits or practicing some Yoga techniques. One should also regular in breathing exercise because it helps in providing strength to the body. Also more active life leads to more healthy life.

Concept behind the product:

This product is specially made in order to cure Urinary track. The Urinary track is very sensitive because it is having both internal and external organs. In order to cure this track and its infections one should take the help of Ayurvedic products only. As this product is itself a huge relief to this problem it provides further strength to the other body parts also.

Customers view about the product:

“I was severely suffered from Urinary problem. I was sacred of using any chemically treated medicines. But then I read about this Vati. I was quite impressed with its contents. I trust this Vati and now I am totally fine. I found huge relief and totally fine. Now I want to continue this product in order to keep myself diseases free.”


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