Divya Arshkalp Vati – 40 grams

arshkalpvati-bigIt’s a remedy to cure piles(Rash it is called in Ayurveda due to the structure of piles resembling that of a arsh which is a round mass) as its name suggest Swami Ramdev Medicine DIVYA ARSHKALP VATI. It contains a number of herbs that are useful in the treatment of piles. Piles or Hemorrhoids are swelling or inflammation of the rectal veins.


1-2 tablets, twice a day, depending upon the seriousness of the disease.

(40 grams of Divya Arshakalp Kalpa Vati produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy.)

The term ‘hemorrhoids’ refers to cushion of tissue filled with inflamed blood vessels at the recto-anal junction. Piles take time to develop therefore they are commonly found in adults and old age people and very rarely in children. They are mostly caused due to wrong eating habits and sedentary life style.

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Types of piles:

  • Internal piles- that occur inside the anus and causes bleeding
  • External piles- that occur outside the anus that is quite painful but does not cause much bleeding.
  • Intro-external piles: a combination of above two and the most common form of piles.

Causes of piles are-

  • Chronic constipation: increased straining (applying more pressure to pass the stool than required) during bowel movements lead to hemorrhoids. it is thus a common condition due to constipation caused as a result of water retention in females during premenstrual period or while menstruation.
  • Obesity: It increases pressure on the rectal vein. Also poor posture or poor muscle tone can cause too much pressure on the rectal veins thus causing piles.
  • Hypertension: especially portal hypertension which causes hemorrhoids due to Porto cavil anatomizes which occur in the rectal wall.
  • Pregnancy: it may lead to hypertension and increase bowel strain resulting into piles due to the weight of the fetus on the abdomen and effect of some hormonal change on the blood vessels.
  • Cigarette smoking: it worsens the condition as it may cause severe internal bleeding inside the rectal area.
  • Excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption also causes hemorrhoids.
  • Control of urge of defecation.

Symptoms of piles include:

The most common symptom is a mass protruding out of the anus which the patients observe generally during defecation. A bright red blood streak covering the feces or on toilet paper .It may cause irritation, itching or pain in the rectal area.

Divya arshkalp vati is a good remedy to cure piles besides making some changes in the dietary habits as eating more dietary fiber such as fruits(papaya, figs), vegetables(green leafy and salads) and cereals(as wholegrain cereals, brown rice, whole wheat bread etc) which are high in fiber content. Try to have fruits not fruit juices.

Drink plenty of water so as to soften the bowel movement.

People suffering from hemorrhoids should avoid taking laxatives for the clearance of bowel and should not strain much during bowel clearing. They should also avoid hot spicy and non-vegetarian food.

Females who experience painful stools during premenstrual or menstrual phase should take extra dietary fiber and fluids a few days prior to the time.

People suffering from piles should wash the anal region with cool water and soap every time after defecation so as to reduce the inflammation in that area and to increase the blood supply so as to have quicker healing in that part.

Some pelvic exercises can also be done to prevent reoccurrence of piles.
One should take sufficient amount of dietary fiber at least 20-25 gm daily in routine life so as to prevent and treat hemorrhoids.

Divya Arsh Vati helps in the treatment of piles and prevents the reoccurrence of it.

It has many of such ingredients which help to prevent hemorrhoids. It contains Heritage, Rafsanjani (pure resent), nimbi (brakeman), karpura, kakmachi (macho), Karaka(amber), bark of rather, khan karaka , nagaduana and ghritkumari.

Haritaki (Terminally chebula) its main ingredient works very well on gastro intestinal system .it has proven gastro kinetic effect i.e. it helps in the early movement of stomach content into the intestine. It promotes appetite, improves liver function and helps a lot in digestion.

It acts as mild laxative, anti spasmodic and has anti flatulence drug. In Ayurveda it is considered as srotoshodhak herb which purifies the channels of the body. It is one of the best herbs for treating the aggravated vata dosha in the body. It also has astringent action thus restrict the bleeding from the bleeding piles. It is a mild colon cleanser which has a smooth cleansing action thus can be safely taken for a long time without any ill effects.

Aloevera_image001Ghritkumari (allover) is also used as a mild laxative. It also has anti inflammatory and soothing properties that help it to act on the hemorrhoids. It keeps the digestive system healthy. Bark of rather (sap Indus muskroots) is very helpful in reliving constipation.

Kamahi (selenium unigram) also known as black nightshade is also an antiseptic and has laxative properties. Also it has hepatoprotective effect and used in the treatment of liver-cirrhosis.

Corpora( cinamomum camphor) has a very good post digestive effect that is why it is also added in paan.karpura is cool in potency so it has soothing effects. So it is helpful in the treatment of piles. Also it has a good action in the treatment of flatulence. In combination with laxatives it is used to expel the worms.

Basically all the ingredients of diva marshal vatic work on the digestive system directly or indirectly. They act as mild to moderate laxatives (substances used to clear the bowel)

As constipation is one of the major causes of piles the ingredients of diva marshal vatic works to relieve constipation so as to prevent piles. Besides acting on both the types of piles-bleeding and none bleeding it also works on fistula in anon which is another anorectic disorder occurs as a complication on piles or fissure. It is much more complicated and painful disease than piles.

Diva marshal vatic also helps in relieving symptoms as colic pain, burning sensation in the anal area, itching in anal area called purities any.

It should be taken regularly under the ayurvedic physician’s advice in case of piles as well as fistula in ano so as to get relief. Generally it is taken with butter-milk or water.

Divya Arsh Vati is given in the dosage of is 1-2 tablets twice a day depending upon the condition.


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