Divya Arjun Kvath 100 gm

ArjunKvath-bigSwami Ramdev Medicine Diva Arjuna kvath is basically prepared from the bark of a tree called Arjuna.

The botanical name of Arjuna is Terminalia Arjuna and it belongs to Combretaceae family. Its Indian name is Kahu.

Arjuna is one of the sacred trees which have social and religious values too.The leaves are dull green above, pale brown beneath. Flowers (small and white) of Arjuna tree are offered to the Lord Ganpati and Lord Vishnu on various religious occasions. Its wood is very dense and hard so being used for making boats, agricultural implements, weapons and house building.

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Arjuna is a dense tree of height almost 20 to 27 meters and it grows along the water channels. This tree has cone shaped, long and round leaves and white bark which when cut gives white exudates. The bark is mainly used in the preparation of ayurvedic medicines.The tree is indigenous to India and is found throughout the Sub Himalayan tracts ,Deccan regions, Myanmar and Sri lanka. It flowers between March to June and fruits between September to November.

In Ayurveda Arjuna is considered as a very potential herb especially its action as a cardio tonic.Vagabhatta –an eminent physician of ancient India has described the use of bark of this tree as a cardio tonic. Later, Chakradutta-another ancient Indian physician decribed it as a good tonic for heart diseases especially if used in the form of decoction.

Divya arjuna kvath is found to be rich in Co enzyme Q- 10 which is highly recommended these days to prevent heart attacks. In case of heart attacks though it cannot works as streptokinase or eurokinase which act against the heart attacks, but regular use of Divya arjuna kvath just after recovering from the heart attack reduces the chance of further attack. Also its long term use to maintain the cardiac function does not have any toxic effects so it can be easily taken under ayurvedic Physician guidelines. It induces decrease in blood pressure and cures arrhythmia.

Divya arjuna kvath also helps reversing hardening of the arteries. It also improves left ventricular ejection.It dialates blood vessels even in cigarette smokers thus protecting the cardiac tissue against the ischemic damage. It strengthens the heart muscles and maintains the heart functioning properly. The decoction is prepared mainly from the bark of the tree which contains large amount of calcium.also it contains magnesium, aluminium, zinc, copper and tannins.

Also it contains a crystalline compound argentine lactone, arjunetin, arjunolic acid, Proanthocyanidins, phytosterols, essential oil, sugars, glycosides and flavonoids.

anti-inflammatory-assessment-300x232Flavonoids have antioxidant, anti inflammatory and hypolipidemic effects while glycosides are cardio tonic thus making Divya arjuna kvath a unique medicine to cure various heart related disorders.

Divya arjuna kvath has cooling and tonic effects. Divya arjuna kvath is used by many ayurvedic practitioners in conditions of cardiac failure, oedema, and angina and palpitation. Divya arjuna kvath reduces angina attacks in a much bater way than nitroglycerine.It can also be given in cases of deep vein thrombosis.

Divya arjuna kvath not only cures major heart problems but also the metabolic disorders which lead to cardiac failure. It has been found useful to help in tissue penetration for many drugs along with all those drugs which are given in heart patients in order to dilute the blood.

Divya arjuna kvath helps to maintain the cholesterol level at the normal value due to its antioxidant properties similar to vitamin E.Divya arjuna kvath has effect on hyperlipidemia due to its inhibiting action on cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver and increased secretion of bile acid . Also it increases activity of the enzyme responsible for lipid metabolism in the body.

Divya arjuna kvath also works as a haemostatic i.e. it arrests bleeding or secretion. It is thus helpful in intrinsic hemorrhages, piles, anemia, tumors and leukoderma. A substance called casuarinas is detected in it which is found to have breast cancer inhibiting properties. It also has compounds that protect DNA against toxins damage.

Diva arjuna kvath has shown its action in the treatment of Asthma, cough and chronic bronchitis.

Diva arjuna kvath gives relief to patients of diarrhea and dysentery. Diva arjuna kvath is also helpful in removing stones formed in the urinary system, as it has diuretic action. Also it possesses prostaglandin E2 enhancing properties. Diva arjuna kvath also does healing of wounds. Divya arjuna kvath due to its astringent action is basically used for cleaning sores, ulcers, syphilitic sores. it can also be used in the treatment of acne. The anti-ulcer effect of it helps to combat the damage.

usnewsDivya arjuna kvath also possess anti-poisonous properties especially in cases of scorpion sting poisoning. A study has also shown anti bacterial effects of divya arjuna kvath. Divya Arjuna kvath works on the gastro-intestinal system as it promotes the flow of bile. It also acts as a general tonic in cases of liver cirrhosis.

Diva arjuna kvath can also be given to diabetic patients as an adjuvant to other medicinal herbs. It is also helpful in albumin urea and polyurea. Diva arjuna kvath also helps to regain the bone strength after a fracture. It is also useful in the cases of osteoporosis. Diva arjuna kvath is used to relieve mental stress and nervousness.

Divya arjuna kvath is an effective sex stimulant if regularly taken for a period of time.

According to ayurveda properties of divya arjuna kvath includes astringent and bitter taste i.e Rasa, sheet Virya i.e. cooling action, katu Vipaka i.e. pungent post digestive effect, laghu –ruksh gun i.e. light and dry properties, tridoshic effect i.e it effects all the three dosas vata ,pitta and kapha which is a rare and very valuable property.

Divya arjuna kvath strengthen the body’s natural rejuvenating tendency and hastens the replacement of dead and weak cells by fresh and vital cells. Divya arjuna kvath has radio protective and antioxidants effects which help preventing the damage caused by free radicals.These effects are higher than those shown by any other medicinal plant or dietery substances.

It comes in the packing of 100 gm.
Dosage: Can be taken 15 ml twice a day


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