Divya Amavatari Ras 20gm

amavtari-ras-bigDivya amavatari ras is a combination of natural herbs for joint pain relief. The herbs used in Divya amavatari ras are well known for their action on joints. These herbs provide nourishment to the joints and help to give quick relief from joint pains. All the joint pain supplements in divya amavatari ras are natural and do not produce any adverse effects on any other part of the body. It is an excellent natural product for people suffering from arthritis and other joint problems. It is indicated for all types of diseases of joints. Divya amavatari ras gives immediate relief from joint pains. It is a natural arthritis pain treatment.

The herbs provide nourishment to the joints and help in optimum functioning. Divya amavatari ras is an herbal combination of traditional herbs to relieve joint pain. It gives nutrition in the form of herbal supplements to the joints and increases their strength. In arthritis joints become stiff and painful due to inflammation of the internal tissues. There is lot of pain and stiffness in the joints. Joints become red. Divya amavatari ras helps to give relief from all signs and symptoms associated with inflammation. Joints become strong by regular intake of divya amavatari ras. Divya amavatari ras is a very good natural product for old people who feel weakness of joints with advancing age as it provides nourishment to the joints and make them flexible and strong.

(20gram of Divya amavatari ras produced by Swami Ramdev’s Divya Pharmacy)

Dosage: 1 to 2 grams with lukewarm water daily.

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Divya amavatari ras is a blend of natural ayurvedic herbs that are all safe and do not produce any unwanted effects on body. People suffering from arthritis, gout, joint pains have to take pain killers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to get relief which may produce many other side effects when taken for a long time. Divya amavatari ras may be taken regularly for prolonged period as it is formulated by using natural herbs. It also helps to get relief from general weakness of the joints as herbs provide essential nutrients. Divya amavatari ras increases the strength of muscles and joints for their effective functioning. Daily intake of divya amavatari ras helps old people to perform their daily activities by giving relief in joint pains.


Divya amavatari ras is indicated for all types of joint diseases. It is a well known natural remedy for the arthritis pain treatment. This herbal remedy is indicated for arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis and other joint pains. Divya amavatari ras is also indicated for general weakness of the body due to loss of strength of joints. It provides natural nutritional supplements to the joints and makes them strong. It is indicated for people who have difficulty in walking due to joint pains. Divya amavatari ras is a natural joint pain supplement that gives immediate and permanent relief from joint pains. Divya amavatari ras works very well for inflammatory diseases of the joints as it quickly relieves signs of inflammation and pain by giving nutritional support to the joints. Divya amavatari ras may be taken along with any other remedies as it does not interact with any other remedies.


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