o-DEPRESSION-facebookDepression refers to physical as well as mental disorders and rapid mood swings. In fact it is more related to mental state. If you feel sadness and have problem with concentration regularly for more than 2 weeks, it is a fact that you are depressed. A depressed person is not able to do even the routine activities properly. Reason can be personal or professional. Surprisingly weight loss/gain, sadness, despair, thoughts of suicide, concentration problems and hopelessness are few of the symptoms of depression.

Treating depression is more or less changing the mental conditions. In addition to person’s self effort, home remedies work like wonders in treating depression.

Here are few home remedies for curing depression

Include nuts and cheese to your diet.

Take few ruta leaves and add cumin to it. Have this mixture 2 times daily. It is advisable that pregnant ladies should not use this remedy.

Take 4-5 bananas daily. At a time take one only.

Pumpkin seeds are good in curing depression. Include these to your daily diet.

Homemade wine drink is very good for depression. Take valerian root and grind it properly. Add some grated orange peel, rosemary and carnation to it. Mix these ingredients well and put in the bottle of wine (white dry). Leave for a month. Take this as a medicine 3 times in a day. Regular use of this helps in treating depression.

Boil a cup of water and add 5-6 rosemary leaves to it. After boiling, add a tablespoon honey. Leave it for 5-10 minutes. Drink this one daily. It is an effective home remedy for depression.

Take few avocado leaves and heat them for 30 seconds. Put the warm leaves on fore head and leave for 10 minutes. This home remedy gives instant relief. It is very easy to use also.

Cook rice with palm, tulip and lily bulb. Do not add anything except salt. Eat it once daily.

Take a cup of soy milk. Add 3 tablespoons of oatmeal to this. Boil and stir on moderate temperature for 2-3 minutes. Add almonds, dry fruits, nuts and honey. One of the best home remedies for depression.

Boil mint leaves in a cup of water. Drain the leaves off and drink the water. It is very refreshing and helps in treating anti effects of depression.

Mint Syrup

Spinach is known to be very good for dealing with symptoms of depression. Eat plenty of spinach every day.

Boil a cup of water and add 1 teaspoon of lavender leaves to it. Let it cool. Drink three times a day. It is an effective home remedy for depression.

Boil a glass of water and add few rose petals to it. Mix a tablespoon sugar to it. Drink this solution 1-2 times daily to treat depression.

Spa is very effective way to treat depression. You can even try a foot spa at home. Fill half a tub with lukewarm water. Add chlorine, rosemary leaves and any fragranced soap to it. Put your feet in the tub for half an hour. You will f eel relaxed. It is a natural home remedy for depression. You can even have a bath with lukewarm water. Add some salt or lemon juice for a refreshing bath.

Honey is very effective for depression. Take a tablespoon of honey three times daily. It is a simple home remedy for depression.

Carrot juice is also very beneficial in treating depression. Drink 2-3 glasses every day.

You can have garlic cloves (1 or 2, depending on your taste) daily after every meal.

Apple juice is very effective home remedy for depression. Drink 2-3 glasses every day.

Eating plums on an empty stomach helps in reducing depression. Eat 4-5 plums daily.


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