Common Cold

common-coldCommon Cold: The Irritation in nose for respiratory tract caused by virus infection refers to as common cold or acute coryza. Rhinoviruses, Para influenza, Respiratory syncytial are common types of viruses which can responsible for common cold to occur. Exposing of human body in cold weather or interaction with someone sick are also the most common caused for common cold. This disease will mostly affect the nose and throat but gradually body’s other parts will be effected by this infection.

Home Remedies for Common Cold

Use a humidifier or run a hot shower in a closed bathroom and spend 20-30mins there. This will reduce nasal passages and clear congestion from head colds because of presence of vapours/moisture in the bathroom.

Take 250ml warm water and add some salt in it then gargle. This will reduce the inflammations caused by bacteria and kills anything that may be thriving in the warm, wet environment.

Drink a tea mixed with ginger and honey. Drink twice a day to overcome from this disease, if you are effected from last few time. This is a natural home remedy for curing common cold.

Take two glasses water of boiled with 10 to 15 leaves of tulsi or basil. Drinking this 3-4 times a daily will give you relief.

Drink milk with Haldi or Turmeric will also help to get relieve from common cold.

Drink a glass of room temperature water with 1 tbs of garlic oil and a tbs of onion juice is very helpful to treat common cold conditions

Take a black pepper powder and sugar candy and mix in curd. Eating this twice in a day, once in the morning and one time in the evening.

For immediate result, mix ½ tbs of fresh turmeric powder in 30 grams of warm milk and drink it in short intervals. This is a herbal remedy to cure common cold.

Take small amount of lemon juice and honey and Mix it up together. Take one tablespoon of the remedy throughout your day. Repeat this process on a daily basis until you feel better.One of the best home remedies for common cold.

Cook vegetable soup with garlic and drink before having food. It will give you relief.

Chicken soup is nice for the common cold and will help ease the symptoms and relieve stuffiness.

Take Zinc, vitamin C can help to boost your immune system.

Take some warm water and put few drops of eucalyptus oil or vicks and inhale it two or three times a day. It relieves from nose blockage. This is a good remedy to treat common cold.

Avoid non vegetarian food and try to use only vegetable or boiled vegetable.

Having Goldenseal herb twice in a day will fight against cold and it acts as a natural antibody and is very beneficial in the treatment of common cold. One of the effective home remedies for common cold.

To prevent the recurrence of cold you should drink 1 tbsp of fresh gooseberry juice with 1/2 tsp ginger.

amla juice good good

Massaging an acupuncture point located at the lower border of the nostril, will very help full to provide relief from nasal congestion.

Eat some garlic cloves a day during infection. This will build your body immune system. Do not cook garlic you can chop and take it in salad because after cooking all of its essential quality will be disappear.

Any warm fluids such as tea, soup etc soothes the entire respiratory tract.

Heat Sprague in a clean tied cloth and put in a vessel and sniff this.

To kill the virus/bacteria, put 3% hydrogen peroxide in your ears. You’ll notice the difference in few hours the cold is gone.

Put 3-4 drops of saline solution as a nasal in a day. Use this drops only under physician’s supervision, as overuse can lead to serious problems.

Take garlic oil, onion oil and put in warm water then drink thrice a day will help to fight with virus/bacteria.

Mix Jaggery with paste of about 200 grams of coriander seeds and boil with water, inhale the vapour coming out from this. Repeat this process four times a day will give relief from common cold.One of the useful home remedies for common cold.

Take lady-fingers and cut it down into pieces and put in half litre of water and boil. The steam coming from this decoction may also be inhaled twice a day to relieve throat irritation.


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