BedwettingBedwetting is a problem which is generally associated with the infants and small children. Till 5 years of age about 2 out of every 10 children faced the problem. Boys are more likely to affect by the problem as compared to girls. It is said those who wet their bed may have small bladder and thus can’t control their bladder all night. It can also be result of some bladder infection or diabetes.

Home Remedies for Bedwetting

Cranberry Juice – You can give your child a glass of cranberry juice about an hour before going to bed. It is simple but effective home remedy for bedwetting.

Walnut leaves – Give your child two walnut halves with a teaspoon of raisins and give this to him before retiring to the bed at night. This is one of the effective home remedies for bedwetting.

Bathroom Habits – You should take your child to the bathroom before going to the bed. If you are sure that his urinary bladder is empty let him sleep. You can also tell your child not to delay going to the bathroom and always keep urinary bladder empty.

Cinnamon – You can take some barks of cinnamon and chew them properly. You can do this once a day as it is wonderful home remedy for bedwetting.

Parsley – You can take some barks of parsley and give them to your child to either suck or chew, as it is well known remedy to avoid bedwetting.

Sarson Powder – Take some sarson powder and add it in a cup of milk. Give this mixture to your child at night before going to bed. This will stop the problem of bedwetting. One of the simple home remedies for bedwetting.

Massage – Some therapists suggest to massage the bladder well as it will definitely prove beneficial. You can massage for 15 seconds for many times a day to get beneficial results. The method will tone up the muscles of the bladder and also provides ability to hold and to control the micturation to child.

Eating Habits – Some surveys say that one should take dairy products like eggs, soy, and caffeine in any edible form as it will work as diuretics but remember they should not be taken in excess. Junk food like chocolates and cold drinks should be avoided as it helps to control bedwetting.

Herbal Tea – You can take some herbs like horsetail, corn silk, zea Mays and lemon balm. Mix the all well. Now, collect about 2-3 handfuls of this mixture and add it in a cup of boiling water in a pan. Cover the pan with lid. Leave it overnight. From next day, give ½ cup of this tea 3 times a day to the child but it should be given about 1 or ½ hour before going to bed. It is one of the finest home remedies for bedwetting.


Orange Blossom Honey – You can give your baby herbal orange blossom honey at night before going to bed as it will help to stop bedwetting.

Walnut Halves (Akhrot Giri) – Take 2 walnuts halves and mix a tablespoon of kishmish in it. Give this to your child for about 10-12 days as it is a wonderful home remedy for bedwetting.

Banana – Banana is helpful remedy for bedwetting. One should intake about 2-3 bananas daily to cure the problem.

Corn Silk – You can also have corn silk as it works as a preventive measure. You can also use ursi in place of corn silk as it is equally effective home remedy for bedwetting.

Milk – Those who have habit to drink milk at night before going to bed are found more prone to bedwetting. So, avoid drinking milk at night you can drink milk in morning at breakfast or you can also drink this about 3 hours before sleep.


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