Bed Sores

Bed-SoresBed sore which are also known with the name of pressure sores is a very painful condition. It is also called skin ulcers or decubitus which are cuts or swelling caused by excess pressure on any particular part of the body but mainly it affects the bony areas of body. It starts with red spots over the body and slowly turns to purple and reaches to the severe condition. Following are mentioned home remedies for bed sores.

Home Remedies for Bed Sores

Comfrey leaves- Take some dry leaves of comfrey and crush them to prepare a fine powder. Add slippery elm in equal quantity to this to make paste. Either put this paste over cloth and ties the cloth over area or apply the paste directly to the area and tie a clean bandage to the sores. It is one of the most effective home remedy for bed sores.

Lysol – You can fill Lysol in a spray bottle and use it on daily basis to spray over the bed sores.

Calendula– Calendula is known as one of the finest home remedy for bed sores. You can directly apply calendula paste over the sores as it is available in cream form. It provides great relief to the sores.

Turmeric– You haven’t allow patient to lie or sit in the same position for long hours. Prepare a solution with water and turmeric, now, you can wash the wounds with this solution and dry that particular parts of body with dry soft cloth. Turmeric root and witch hazel can also be used for the purpose.

Honey– Honey is called wonder food item. It has delicious taste and also it has many health benefits too. Prepare a solution with mixture of honey and sugar poultice. Now, wash the bed sores with that solution. It not only removes the poison from the sores but also help to heal it quickly.

Wheat Germ Oil– Take some pure wheat germ oil and apply it directly over the wound. Also, keep the affected area dry as moisture is the main culprit which makes the condition worse.

Aloe Vera– Aloe Vera is known as ‘Wonder Herb’ in the medical world. It is also an effective home remedy for bed sores. Apply the aloe Vera over the sores as it comes in gel form and leave the wound uncovered.

Massage– Massage is the best way to improve the blood circulation. Massage the body in proper manner as it helps to reduce the formation of bed sores. You can use Vitamin E oil for this purpose.


Beet Juice– Take 2 tablespoons of honey and add 1 tablespoon of amount of beet juice in it. Take both in bowl and mix it properly. If you feel like it is not thick you can make it thick by adding flour to it. Apply over sores and tie a neat bandage over it. You can change it on daily basis.

Milk of Magnesia– Prepare a mixture of milk of magnesia and iodine in a bowl. Leave it for about 30 minutes and after that time put this mixture to the bed sores. You can use this several times a day for some continuous days to get maximum benefits.

Zinc Oxide– Put some zinc oxide over sores as it helps to heal them quickly.

Antiseptic Powder– Sprinkle some antiseptic powder over the bed sores’ area as it will help them to heal quickly.

Goldenseal– Take some goldenseal and sprinkle this over the area having bed sores as it helps them to heal quickly. You have to cover the area with cotton after sprinkling powder as it will help to keep away germs from sores. This is one of the simplest but effective home remedy for bed sores.

Lecithin– Take some lecithin and apply this over sores after cleaning and at the end tie a bandage over it. You can also use honey, or zinc ointment for the same purpose.


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