Close-up of a businesswoman suffering from a headache in an officeAn emotional state when a person feels unpleasant as a resultant of fear, apprehension and worry is called anxiety. Generally, it accompanies heart palpitations, nausea, and chest pain, shortness of breath and sometimes tension headache. Tense muscles, churning stomach, nausea, diarrhea, headache, backache, heart palpitation and numbness are some of the most common symptoms of the problem. Some of the most beneficial home remedies for anxiety are mentioned below:

Home Remedies for Anxiety

Herbs – Herbs play an important role in curing anxiety. Whenever you feel anxious you can prepare decoction or tea with chamomile, thyme, skullcap, lime flowers, passa flora, lavender, cloves, balm and hops etc.

Nutmeg – A pinch of nutmeg if added in a teaspoon of honey with a cup of orange and mixed well. Drink the mixture as it is helpful in getting rid of anxiety. It is a wonderful home remedy for anxiety.

Massage – Massage is the best option for the treatment of anxiety. You can also massage yourself to get relieve from your stress symptoms and it will also help you to sleep more peacefully. It is one of the finest home remedies for anxiety.

Kava Kava – Collect the roots of the herb kava kava. Grind them to get fine powder and add some of them to the glass of water. Drink the decoction. This will provide you calming properties. It is a wonder remedy for anxiety.

Orange – Orange is known as one of the best home remedies for anxiety. Take an orange and peel it. Now, inhale it. You also have another option as you can drop the peel into a small pan or potpourri burner. Cover the water and keep the flame low. You can inhale the calming and fragrant oil. The juice of orange can also control the heart rate and avoid anxiety.

Share Your Emotions – You must share all your worriers and fears with your near and dear ones. Don’t hide things with those who can help you to come out of the problematic situations. You can talk to your family members or with your friends. Emotional release is a best way to get rid of anxiety. It is also necessary for mental health too.


Almonds – Take 10 almonds and soak them in water and leave it overnight. Next morning, peel the outer covering of the almond and separate the kernel. In a blender blend these kernels with a cup of warm milk. Add a pinch of ginger powder along with a pinch of nutmeg in it. Drink the mixture every night before going to bed as it is the excellent way to relieve stress. This is one of the useful home remedies for anxiety.

Avoidable things – You have to avoid some foods that are ginger, pepper and onions. Anxiety is a caused due to internal fire. If you intake spicy foods the fire could ignite. So, beware of eating those foods.

Reverse Counting – Whenever anxiety level grows high, you can started counting from twenty to one. It is an excellent way to fight with anxiety.

Warm Bath – You has to take bath in warm water in the condition of having anxiety. It will definitely brighten your spirits.

Rosemary – Rosemary can provide calming effects to the nerves. Take 1 tablespoon of dry leaves of rosemary and add it in a cup of boiling water. Leave it or 10 minutes. Strain and drink the decoction. It will serve best results to you. You can also inhale some rosemary as it have relaxing results.

Celery – You can eat 2 cups of celery. You can also take either in raw or in cooked form. You can have this along with your meals as it contains good amount of potassium and also folic acids.

Onion – Onion can be taken with food as the potassium and folic acid present in the onion helps to recover the deficiencies which may cause nervousness and thus anxiety. Take this for a whole week.


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